Compatible with:

• AC, battery or solar power
• Traffic data and reports
• SafePace Cloud remote access
• Universal mounting bracket
• Beacon system for school zones
• Cruiser LT mobile trailer
• Moveable sign dolly
• Sign hitch


Compact Entry-Level Speed Sign

The compact SafePace® Evolution 11 sign offers lightweight entry-level speed display for private communities or local roads. The economical sign offers remarkable power efficiency and quick, easy installation. All Evolution signs include a year of access to the SafePace Cloud free for instant access to detailed traffic data, robust analytics, and intuitive management tools.

The Evolution 11 compact radar speed sign is just one of the many signs offered by Traffic Logix. All SafePace radar speed signs show drivers their speeds in bright LED digits along with the posted speed limit to remind drivers to slow down. A speed violator strobe flashes to alert motorists who exceed the threshold speed you set for each of your speed displays.

The SafePace 11 signs are available with options for solar power or battery power. They offer compact speed display that slows cars down and keeps your neighborhoods safe.