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Crosswalk and School Zone Solutions

RRFB Top-of-Pole Solar Control Cabinet

The RRFB Top-of-Pole Solar Control Cabinet is a crosswalk solution device that utilizes alternating flash patterns and is proven to improve driver yield rates at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.

  • MUTCDC-compliant
  • Wig-wag combination and simultaneous (WW+S) flash patterns
  • Mounts to the top on poles
  • LEDs are dimmable to reduce glare at night
  • Double-sided RRFB with tell tale (x2)
  • Polera BDL3 Bulldog Round Button (x2)
  • -40°C to + 55°C cold weather battery (44aH) (x2)
  • 10 year warranty on Solar, 5 year on electronics, 3 year on battery
  • Pedestrian LED indicator alerts users of system activation (optional)
  • XAV2-LED push button activation delivers voice message (optional)
  • BlinkerBeam® wireless communication initiates systems

RRFB Side-of-Pole Solar unit

The RRFB Side-of-Pole Solar unit is a crosswalk solution device that increases motorist yielding rates to a much higher percentage than crosswalks that do not possess beacons or flashing signs.

  • MUTCDC-compliant
  • Improves driver yielding rates by 80-90%
  • Mounts to the side of poles
  • System is fully modular
  • LED arrays are large to offer enhanced visibility
  • Provides higher motorist awareness and compliance
  • Double-sided RRFB with tell-tale (x2)
  • Polera BDL3 Bulldog Round Button (x2)
  • -60°C to +60°C cold weather battery (48aH) (x2)
  • 3 years on battery, 5 years on electronics, 10-year warranty on Solar
  • Optional pedestrian LED indicator informs operator of system initiation
  • Optional XAV2-LED push button activation delivers speech message
  • BlinkerBeam® wireless communication triggers every system

RRFB Top-of-Pole School Crossing System

The RRFB Top-of-Pole School Crossing System is ideal for school zones. The RRFB flashes warning lights that use a specified combination of wig-wag and simultaneous patterns when activation.

  • MUTCDC-compliant
  • Combination of alternating wig-wag and simultaneous (WW+S) flash patterns
  • Control cabinet can be mounted to the top or side of a pole
  • Dimmable LEDs help reduce nighttime glare
  • Optional pedestrian LED indicator notifies users when the system has been activated
  • When activated by optional XAV2-LED push button, a voice message is delivered
  • BlinkerBeam® wireless communication commences all system activations

Crosswalk and School Zone Solutions

BlinkerStop® Flashing LED STOP Sign (R1-1)

BlinkerStop® LED STOP Signs provide greater awareness for high-risk and high-incident intersections where static signs are ineffective, reducing blow-throughs up to 52.9%.


  • MUTCD-compliant
  • High-power LEDs are visible more than 1 mile away and heighten driver awareness in bright daylight, night, fog, rain and snow
  • Visibility is broken into daytime and night time
  • Lightweight unit comes fully assembled, making installation onto any new or existing sign post quick and easy
  • Fully encapsulated wiring protects against inclement weather, tampering and vandalism
  • Variable diming circuitry automatically adjusts brightness levels, maintaining optimal LED output and extending battery life
  • Optional BlinkerBeam® upgrade synchronizes multiple signs at an intersection
  • Available solar and AC power options enable work in any situation
  • Proudly made in the USA

TAPCO BlinkerBeacon™

Traditionally used as an enhancement warning at pedestrian crossings, heavily trafficked areas and dangerous intersections, BlinkerBeaconTM Flashing LED Beacons provide drivers real-time, and clear warnings as to when to slow down or stop completely.

Vehicle & Trailer Mounted Solutions


Signaling equipment used to announce the presence of a work zone and to indicate to the road users the direction of the bypass lane.

Its rugged construction meets specifications dictated by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, paragraph 4.37.1, VOLUME V.


Ver-Mac’s ST-4815 is a trailer-mounted arrowboard with 15 LED lamps. It features our innovative Single-Mast Design, V-Switch controller, Stealth Technology, OptiBright technology and is wired to integrate the Smart Arrowboard option. The unit combines energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and safe to operate arrowboard on the market.


The Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac is a trailer-mounted gate device designed for flagging operations. The Flagger-Mac system consists of two gate devices that are operated using a wireless remote controller. This technology allows the operator to fully control both devices from a safe location outside the work zone.
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