28” Collapsible Cone Kit with Bag

Five fluorescent orange traffic cones not less than 28 inches in height, each equipped with a 6 inch retroreflective white band no more than 4 inches from the top of the cone, and an additional 4 inch white band 2 inches below the 6 inch band.

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  • Cones have a rugged black rubber base, 8 lb. weight.
  • Cones feature a water-resistant solid nylon material in hi-viz orange for added visibility.
  • 6″ upper and 4″ lower cone collars are made of Reflexite prismatic sealed surface retroreflective material.
  • Storage bag with zipper top and convenient carry straps holds 5 collapsible cones.
  • Storage size (5 cones in bag): 15″ x 15″ x 11″
Set-up: Place the cone on the ground and pull up on the center until the cone is fully extended. Take-down: Reverse the procedure above. Improper set-up (for example, holding the center of the cone and letting the base drop) may cause damage.