6ft Rubber Speed Bump


Our 6ft Rubber Speed Bump with optional ends caps are constructed of durable rubber and includes embedded reflectors and glass elements for visibility. Easy to install with anchors – sold separately.

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The 6FT Rubber Speed Bump is constructed from durable rubber. Speed bumps are made to help reduce and control the speed of motorists in parking lots, roadways, and private lanes. They have embedded reflectors with glass elements for greater visibility. Yellow striping is made from EPDM rubber so will not fade.  They are moisture-resistant, temperature resistant, and underside has channels to drain water. Designed for easy installation and may be cut to custom lengths to fit any area. The rubber base provides a firm grip on surfaces. Speed bump middles are 72″ long and weigh just over 48 pounds. For pedestrian safety, end caps are available for purchase and will complete the speed bump. End caps are often used when bump middles do not abutt to a curb.