Convex Traffic Mirrors


Convex traffic mirrors for indoor or outdoor use. Safety mirror installation hardware for wall and pole mounting is included for these sizes: 24″, 32″ and 40″. Our 18″ mirrors come with wall mounting hardware (See pictures for more details).

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These traffic safety mirrors are versatile and are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for most general traffic situations in blind corners at intersections and parking lots. If you have a sheltered driveway, a convex safety mirror will help prevent needless accidents. A convex mirror is a retail store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and theft. Each safety mirror increases aisle visibility and eliminates blind spots. The 18″ convex mirror is easy to install and includes wall mounting brackets and hardware.  Brackets are made of a stamped 14 gauge metal and as well as fasteners, are zinc plated for resistance to rust and corrosion. Our 24″, 32″ and 40″ convex traffic mirrors can be installed on a pole or wall and swivels on brackets to adjust to angle needed. Includes hardware for pole and wall installation. Mirrors are lightweight with top quality silvering and wide-angle image which affords the widest angle of vision. A flexible poly-carbonate mirror with ABS frame offers resistance to condensation, freezing, UV and is crush proof.  The built-in shield protects the mirror from the sun and rain. Select from 4 mirror sizes to suit your needs. Available in diameters of 18″, 24″, 32″ and 40″. Get yours today! Mirror surface has a film covering to protect the mirror until installed. Mirror may appear to have some ripples or dents, however, once the film is removed any dents or ripples in mirror will disappear.