Curb Ramp With Reflectors (6″ Tall)


Curb ramp with yellow reflectors are 6 inches high and provide easy access over curbs for a variety of wheeled equipment. 2 channels allow for cables or hoses to run underneath.

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Curb ramp with reflectors 6″ tall provides access between two uneven surfaces for a variety of wheeled equipment. The modular design has the flexibility to build your own custom ramp system. These heavy duty curb ramps are made from high-density thermoplastic rubber to withstand all weather conditions. They include embedded reflective yellow arrows for visibility and ribbed treads for wheel traction. There are two pre-punched holes for permanent installation using spikes or anchors. The underside has two channels to accommodate running cables and hoses or for water drainage. Install our ramps for safe and efficient access over curbs by trucks, RV’s, and garden equipment. Perfect ramp to use for industrial, commercial, and home use where there is a 6″ high curb. End caps for our 4″ and 6″ curb ramps are available by special order and require lead time. End caps provide a sloped end to the ramp and sit flush to the side of the ramp and ground. They do not have channel openings to run cables or water drainage. Anchors and spikes are available for purchase separately. Note:  Prior to concrete installation using spikes or anchors, it is recommended to consult with building owner or engineer for correct procedures.