Octagon Delineator Base – 18 lb

Our recycled vulcanized rubber Octagon Delineator Base 18lb feature a stacking ring to keep delineator bases from sliding off when stacked.

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Our Octagon Delineator Base 18lb and post are used together to provide traffic control in traffic zones as well as to provide hazard awareness.  Used for traffic safety at airports, parking lots, special events, as well as in maintenance and construction zones.  Designed to function as a flexible, as well as sturdy foundation to keep posts upright and on all surfaces. Our bases are environmentally friendly.  Made from reclaimed as well as recycled vulcanized rubber.  Check out our variety of posts in various shapes and sizes for all the possible situations your workers encounter on a daily basis.  Call or email if you have any questions. Get your Delineator as well as bases today.