Parking Lot Wall Protector (E-Type)


Parking lot wall protector E Type with yellow reflective tape. Protect vehicles from damage and walls in garages, warehouses, loading docks and parking lots.

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Our Parking Lot Wall Protector is constructed from damage resistant rubber designed to absorb and deflect mild impacts from vehicle doors, shopping carts and forklifts. This parking lot wall protector E-Type is 39 3/8″ long and includes yellow reflective tape for visibility and safety in dark conditions. Rubber corner protectors and wall guards not only help protect your parking structure, but also helps protect vehicles from dents and scratches. Ideal for surface and multi-level residential and business parking lots, interior factory or warehouse walls and areas around loading docks. Rubber wall guards are made for long lasting durability and dependability. Maintenance free construction provides chemical, weather and corrosion resistance. Includes 3 mounting holes for unit stability. Easy to install with anchor fasteners and/or single part urethane adhesive. Permanent installation hardware is not included and can be purchased at local hardware stores. Offered in versions with different thicknesses and with rounded or straight edges to cover different applications depending on the location and intensity and speed of vehicles. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for a home garages.