Roll-Up Signs

Available in a variety of materials and sizes, roll-up signs offer full size signage in a lightweight and easy to store design.

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– All roll-up signs meet MUTCD requirements. – Many standard legends and materials available, custom signs are also available on request. – Roll-up signs are NCHRP-350 compliant when used with one of our NCHRP-350 compliant stands. – Fiberglass ribs, or cross bracing, feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splinters. – The rib set is fastened at the center with a 1/4″ steel rivet and spring washer providing constant tension. It will not loosen or tighten with use the way nut and bolt assemblies do. – Rectangular and delta style corner pockets are made of tough polycarbonate plastic for durability. – Delta pockets on the horizontal corners provide three rivet points for durability and a shallower pocket depth for easier deployment. – Delta pockets have a narrow width and feature a channel for the strap which provide a smaller, tighter diameter for easier storage. – Back to back hook and loop strap for storage. – Overlays for changeable message signs are also available in all sign materials and colors.