Traffic Drum / Barrel

Our orange traffic barrels or channelizer drums are available with 2 or 5 reflective HIP bands for 1000′ of visibility.  Durable safety product to use in work zones.

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Traffic Barrels provide a highly visible safety barrier around work zones and channel traffic flow to guide drivers and pedestrians through hazardous areas. Traffic barrels are also called orange construction barrels or channelizer drums. Our orange construction barrels are made from a durable PE plastic with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. A new thicker wall resists denting and includes an anti-roll bottom with flat sections on two sides. The new drum has a tire locking ring to inhibit movement on the road surface, and has a sturdy dome handle interfused to create additional strength. Also a new light mounting design that allow lights to stay attached and fold for storage. For safety purposes, barrels are built to pop out of their tire ring bases upon impact and designed to stack for transport or storage. Barrels are available with 2 or 5 HIP (High Intensity Prismatic) orange and white reflective bands to provide night time visibility of 1000 ft. Channelizer drums are durable to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our traffic barrels meet and exceed MUTCD standards. Tire rings and barricade lights are sold separately.