Yellow & Black Cone Bar (4′ to 7′)

Use our retractable traffic yellow/black cone bars for a temporary barrier to control crowds, warn of hazards and direct the traffic. Extends from 48″ to 84″ (4′ to 7′).

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The 4′ to 7′ extending Yellow/Black Cone Bar works as a barrier and provides safety awareness around electrical services and fuel trucks. Adding an expanding cone bar to the top of traffic cones or traffic delineators will help to block off a work zone and creates a safety barrier to control pedestrians. Select as many cone bars as you need to create the size of area you need to protect. Cone Barricades are manufactured from black PVC plastic and taped with EG reflective yellow stripes for greater visibility at night. Cone bars easily extend from 48″ to 84″ and include looped ends that slip on top of traffic cones and most posts.  Extend your safety area or pathway as long as you wish by adding additional cone bars. Our cone bars are lightweight, durable, weather resistant and stand up to full-time use in traffic zones, city areas, work zones, schools, sporting events, and around airports and special events.